Communication is a fundamental human right.

The goal of the Ewald Circle Oakman Sphere Project is to construct a community based wireless mesh network designed to create an interactive and regenerative digital ecosystem that supports access to the internet and the sharing of local content.

Wireless mesh networks are local “Intranets” that allow neighbors to share Internet connections and develop applications to support community information-sharing. Given acute challenges to livelihoods and quality of life in parts of Detroit and the growing importance of digital connectivity, the development and use local communications infrastructure has emerged as an effective community revitalization tool.

The Detroit Digital Justice Coalition and the Allied Media Projects, with support from the Open Technology Institute, have pioneered a training program called “Digital Stewards” which helps local residents become the custodians of their local digital ecosystems. The Detroit Digital Stewards use open source technologies, including wireless mesh, to provide affordable Internet access in their neighborhoods via home-grown communications infrastructure. These rapidly-deployed, ultra-low-cost networks are real-world examples of how to use innovative technologies and business models to extend broadband access and strengthen community ties. They support community problem-solving, allowing neighbors to share Internet connections or functioning as local “Intranets” with standalone applications like local chat or shared digital libraries.

“The Digital Stewards program envisions a future where all people have equal access to the skills, tools, and infrastructure they need to exercise that right.”

“Towards that end, we are growing community-rooted technologists who will facilitate the design and implementation of communication technologies in their neighborhoods. These Digital Stewards are committed to using technology to strengthen human connections to each other and the planet and to foster healthy communities.”

Eric Hall and Heru House presenting the ECOSphere plan.

ECOSphere Presentation

Here is the ECOSphere Prezi presented to fellow Digital Stewards:

ECOSphere was the first team to begin installation of their network. The first site was one of the Digital Steward’s home, which is first of several routers to be distributed in the first phase of the construction of the ECOSphere network.

“Community members launched two new wireless networks at the end of April in Detroit neighborhoods, with a third one still in the works. Built on the Commotion mesh wireless platform, these networks function as local communications infrastructure: they act as an intranet for community interactions, and connect to the global Internet.” Read more >

ECOSphere Presentation

ECOSphere Project highlighted in New York Times article (4/20/14)
“Access to information changes your life,” said Uri House, known as Heru, who has led the creation of a mesh he calls the Ecosphere in his struggling neighborhood.” Read more >

ECOSphere launches local streaming audio station ~

ModernEvolution.Org seeks support to expand their wireless mesh network…

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